Bettering the Business of Medicine


Bettering the Business of Medicine

Solving problems and creating solutions.

The Problem

Mountains of red tape. Mounting paperwork. People problems. Record keeping that won't stand up to an audit. The list of pressures affecting today's private medical practices goes on and on. 

Even the most dedicated practice administrator can get in over their head. Perhaps things are running smoothly in most respects, but you are not meeting new payer requirements for meaningful use. Or your once healthy revenue stream is slowing to a trickle.

It often happens that too much crucial knowledge is held by too few people—many times just a single administrator or practice manager. In our experience, that's never a good thing. If that sole individual lacks knowledge of new requirements, gets sick, retires, or heaven forbid, is less than honest, the business side of your practice can quickly devolve into chaos.


The Solution

At Accountable Physician Advisors, our sole mission is to help you get and keep your practice on track. Whether your practice is in real trouble or you just need a little help with the business side of things, we provide you with the information, tools, and professional leadership you need to ensure total fiscal and operational health.

We approach our work in basically the same way you approach yours. We start by stabilizing the situation, and then we assess each vital part of the system. We diagnose the problem - or problems - and recommend the best course of treatment.  We manage the practice until health is restored, and devise a solid plan to make the changes stick after we're gone. 

All of our clients basically want the same thing, which is to care for their patients rather than worry about administration.  That's what we deliver, and we know we've succeeded when our clients get back to doing what they do best, which is practicing medicine.